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 REF; By Michel Pollann, MD
 Herbal Oil Isolate Wholesale
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Nazco buy and  sell used cooking oil for biodiesel Fuel, offer yellow grease price, brown grease price quotes, other commodities include; vegetable oil, palm acid oil, crude palm oil, crude rapeseed oil, crude soy oil. Nazco sell process equipment; wvo centrifuge,  oil decanter, grease containers, biodiesel processors..
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NAZCO an ISCC-EU Certified company partnering with major oil & fat renderers and end users in USA, South America and in the EU for sourcing and supplying millions of gallons of bio-fuel feedstock, exclusive contracts for:
  • UCO- Used cooking oils, WVO - Waste Vegetable Oil, YG-Yellow Grease, Brown Grease.

  • Vegetable Oil, YG-Yellow Grease, Brown Grease. Palm Oil by Products, WPO- Waste Palm Oil, PAO- Palm Acid Oil.

  • Cooking oil: palm, sunflower, soybean, corn oil, canola. 

  • UMO-  Used Motor Oil recycling and Tyre Recycling - Pyrolysis plants.

  • Biodiesel Processor Equipment; centrifuges, filters, tanks, pumps vac truck etc.

  • Packing: 20MT/20FCL/ Flexitanks, 1.MT/Totles, Drums and Pet Bottles. 

  • Shipping via Stolt-Nielson, ARC, Interbulk and several Int'l logistics partners.

  • Biodiesel is typically produced from natural or agricultural resources. Natural sources include rapeseeds, canola oil, soybean oil, cotton-seeds oil, jatropha oil. Biodiesel may also be refined from recycled vegetable oil or waste vegetable oil including used cooking oil from McDonalds and Chinese fast-food restaurants. It is also a great source of renewable alternative energy to reduce carbon emissions for our healthy planet Earth. As biodiesel is made from renewable sources, it tends to have lower emissions than petroleum and is therefore better for both health and environmental factors.

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