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Cooking Oil

Below are some useful links regarding edible cooking oil:

Anglian Oils Ltd is an established cooking oil supplier and waste oil collection company. We provide the complete solution for your cooking oil needs. Anglian Oils is fully licenced and insured to efficiently deal with the management of your cooking oil cycle.

Oil Masters - As well as many types of cooking oil, we can also collect your old cooking oil when we deliver your new supply.

Gateway Food Products, a family owned manufacturer and processor of vegetable oils, shortenings, corn syrups, flakes, custom blended oils and soy wax products.

Greenea company specializes not only in oil trading but also in production of special renewable fuel. We have developed an expertise in vegetable oil and biofuel markets, sourcing, trading and supplying from the raw material to biodiesel & ethanol fuels. 

KTC Essential Food Ingredients - Britain's largest private manufacturer and distributor of oils and fats. We supply over 250 million litres a year of high quality cooking oils and fats to the food industry.

Chiltern Cold Pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil is grown, pressed and bottled by the Mead family at Wilstone Great farm where they have been farming in the Chiltern Hills since 1860. It has a delicious light nutty flavour and is rich in omega 3,6 and 9.

Jedwards International supplies wholesale bulk carrier oils, butters, waxes, extracts, essential oils and other ingredients to cosmetics, soap making, food and dietary supplement companies and manufacturers.  We strive to make readily available and affordable, quality pure and natural raw materials. 

Olvea - Welcome to Olvea, specialized in the supply of a wide range of vegetable oils from conventional or organic supply chains for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. All our raw materials come from supply chains which are closely monitored according to ISO 9001 standard and HACCP methods.

Eden Organic produces a unique, minimally processed soybean oil made from certified organic soybeans. Low pressure, low heat extrusion and expeller techniques create this mild tasting all purpose cooking oil.  

Akif Kucukbay founded Kucukbay Oil Industries, Inc. in Turkey 1978, a family owned and operated business supplying the Turkish domestic market with premium specialty cooking oils particularly in the oilseed and olive groves industry under their own brand name: Orkide. Kucukbay Oil Industries now has branch offices in both Japan and the US.



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