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Veg-oils: High accessibility of rapeseed and sunflower-seed oils contribute to lower popularity of soy
Following the statement made in November by EPA (the U.S. government agency responsible for the incorporation of biofuels mandates) about the intention to ban partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), FDA (the U.S. government agency in charge of food regulations) is now conducting a public comment period to facilitate EPA its final decision. If EPA sticks to its plans, PHOs might be banned from alimentary products in the US. However, it will not happen overnight but rather will be implemented over a longer period of time. PHOs, among others, include soybean oil. The final date for EPA’s decision is not yet known.
During the first days of January the soybean futures fell significantly as rains and improving conditions for soybean crops are predicted in South America, especially Argentina and Brazil. Due to expected weather stabilization in this part of the world the combined production of soybean in Brazil and Argentina may rise by 8.5% compared to last year’s harvest and therefore reach 142.5 metric tons.
Exports of palm oil from Malaysia are expected to fall due to popularity and high accessibility of substitute oils such as rapeseed and sunflower-seed oils. The interest for palm oil is falling in Europe as well as in India. The decrease in exportation volumes was underestimated and reached -15% from November to December. The palm harvest has been way better than expected due to favorable climate and therefore prices of palm oil from Malaysia continue to fall down. However, the demand for palm oil is expected to grow as the Indonesian government increased the palm oil biodiesel blend from 7.5% to 10%.
It is predicted that Romania will be the world’s biggest sunflower seed exporter this season due to greater-than-expected harvest and the absence of regulatory measures on exports of this product. It is estimated that the export from Romania will reach 1.05 million metric tons compared to 767,000 metric tons last season. From July to now, the spread between palm and sunflower oil fell down from $300/mt to $60/mt. Now, sunflower oil prices are more and more attractive for biodiesel production and put even more pressure on palm oil prices.
Over the last couple of years the increase in the UCO collected came mainly from the restaurants and bars who before used to simply put their oil down the drains. Several companies started to invest in such technologies as retrieval of oils from food waste or from the sewage systems. It is however not yet popular and will require more research in the future. Big potential source of growth is the domestic sector. Collection services from private households are difficult to organize, yet, some local councils start introducing collection-points for their residents. Unfortunately, it is still done on a small scale.

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