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WVO Filter & Centrifuge
  • Yellow Grease refining system has a capacity of 15 GPM but is recommended to operate at a flow rate of 7.5 GPM for yellow grease cleaning.

  • Can be upgraded to a 28 GPM unit that will process yellow grease at 15 GPM for additional $10,000.

  • De Laval WHPX 505 automatic desludge (rebuilt with 1 year warranty); De Laval auto desludge centrifuge.

  • Room temp water is fine.  Incoming oil is heated to 175-180F.

  • We use a coarse screen for the first stage of filtration then we heat the oil through a 4 ft tube shell heat exchanger before the second stage of filtration. Oil then flows through a large plate frame heat exchanger, before entering the centrifuge.

  • The system is automatic and can be set up on a timer for the delude.

  • The footprint depends on the filtration and centrifuge size desired. The one we are currently building is on a 4ft X 8ft skid.

  • The system can be setup to use 240 3phase or 440 3phase. Boiler is not included.

  • Price - $79K +/- 12K – contingency. See Pictures:

     SKID A
    SKID- B
    Oil Recycler = CENTRIFUGE

    CFC std brochure_100901 (1)

     CFC 1000_1 seed press data
    WVO Dewatering Filtration Centrifuge Skid Specifications: 
    1. 6ft X 12ft steel skid with 260 gallons of liquid containment.

    2. Nema 12 control cabinet for power disconnect and start-stop controls.

    3. Adjustable timer for automatic de-sludge.

    4. 2 ea inlet screens coarse filters.

    5. 6 ea 6 inch diameter 304 SS tube shell heat exchangers (total 165 sq ft.) with quick clamp end. caps for easy cleaning.

    6. 2 ea coarse bag filters 1500 micron.

    7. 2 ea medium bag filter 800 micron.

    8. Rebuilt auto de-sludge centrifuge capable of 15 GPM with adjustable de-sludge timer and auto fill service water tank and stand.

    9. All parts warranted for 12 months from startup date at your location.

    10. Supplier setup and train buyer employee’s on system operation.



NOTE: Not included: Electrical service connections, boiler connections, or any other changes that need to be made to your facility to accommodate this equipment.

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