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Waste Vegetable Oil

Below are some useful links regarding waste vegetable oil:

Vegawatt™, the innovative new cogeneration system for restaurants and food service facilities, uses your waste cooking oil as a readily available source of fuel to generate on-site electricity and hot water, saving your restaurant thousands of dollars as well as providing a clean, renewable source of energy.

Lorco has been recycling America's used oil since 1957. We have a clear understanding of the industry and the problems that you can face on a daily basis. Lorco collects used oil and other petroleum related wastes with our state-of-the-art collection fleet.

Green Sky Industries is a privately held company specializing in commercial and municipal recycling.  We offer a diverse range of recycling services designed to meet the ecological, financial, and logistical needs of our customers and those that they serve.

How to Filter WVO - With the rising cost of automobile fuel, more people are looking to alternative fuels like biodiesel and reused waste oils. Waste vegetable oil is no longer simply an inconvenient by-product of culinary endeavor. It is a viable fuel option to be used like diesel fuel in cars that have been converted to accept the oil.

Muar Ban Lee Group (MBL), consist of two subsidiary companies namely “Muar Ban Lee Engineering Sdn.Bhd.” & “Muar Ban Lee Technology Sdn. Bhd.”, specializing in the manufacture of oil seed expellers and its ancillary equipment.

Bag filter, bucket & drum strainers, at great low prices and fast shipping. 

Nazco Distributors of bulk vegetable oil, diesel, biofuels, biodiesel processors, alternative fuels, alternative energy, ethanol, biodiesels, WVO, biodiesel kits, wholesale vegetable oil, bulk cooking oil, and used cooking oil. 

Greenea company specializes not only in oil trading but also in production of special renewable fuel. We have developed an expertise in vegetable oil and biofuel markets, sourcing, trading and supplying from the raw material to biodiesel & ethanol fuels. 

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