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Below are some useful links regarding related equipment:

Biodiesel Kits - Complete Ready-to-Run Biodiesel Processors - Made in the USA.

WVO Designs, for Waste Vegetable Oil as a Fuel:

Safe Rack
 - With the combined experience of 200+ years, we work together as a team to help solve your loading rack problems.

Silverson has considerable experience in the refining of edible oils and this accumulated knowledge has been applied in the developing biofuels industry. We have worked with some of the world's largest biofuel processors and offer a range of high shear In-Line mixers for this process.

Bio Pro - We are the Authorized New England Dealer for Springboard Biodiesel; the manufacturer of the "BioPro" line of automated biodiesel processors. We are proud to represent the industry's leading small scale, fully automated biodiesel processors built in the USA. 

Globecore designs and manufactures equipment for continuous production of biodiesel, utilizing the most advanced technologies and energy saving solutions available to the commercial scale biodiesel production industry.

Hielscher offers ultrasonic mixing reactors for the production of biodiesel at any scale. is a professional supplier of the necessary chemicals, filters, pumps, tanks and Viton® hoses required for producing & using biodiesel to home brewers and biodiesel businesses. We also supply other alternative energy equipment such as solar water heaters.

Biodiesel Gear - We manufacture high quality, cost effective Biodiesel processing equipment and accessories using top quality materials for products that perform well and last a long time.

Home Biodiesel - Small scale equipment makes making of biodiesel as easy as baking bread.

JatroDiesel - Biodiesel equipment and refining solutions. JatroDiesel refineries are capable of producing Biodiesel from a variety of oils such as Soy, Corn, Sunflower, Peanuts, Jatropha, used cooking oil, Yellow Grease, Coconut and Rapeseed.
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