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The UCO market remains pretty stable and the demand is still not very high. All UCO collectors are waiting for the prices to go up as it usually happens every year before the summer period. But the increase in palm and soybean oil prices and the shortage of rapeseed oil in Europe should make the UCO prices more and more attractive
From March, 31st Italy cancelled the restriction of EU-origin feedstock for the UCOME production and we have seen more interest in UCO from importation in the Med. Italy also accepts now fatty acids as double counting material which creates a big competition for the UCO collectors in Italy.
Prices of UCO ISCC DE are still around €770/mt DDP NWE and for UCO ISCC EU around €740/mt DPP NWE.

The significant drop in Gas Oil price in early January (from around $955/mt to $915/mt) and veg oils prices do not encourage the biodiesel / FAME market. The level of price for FAME 0° for Q1 is around ICE + $175/mt. With current level of GO and still high €/$rate, it means that the price is fixed around €800/mt and the price of RME at €820/mt FOB ARA, SME at €800/mt FOB ARA and PME at 770€/mt FOB ARA. Till now, very few deals have been concluded; the market is not liquid enough to establish a true trend in prices. The spread between veg oils and biodiesel is currently low. When it comes to the production of PME, it is estimated that the incorporation margin fell from €40/mt in July to around €20/mt in October.
In Argentina, the incorporation mandate passed from B8 to B9 in January and to B10 in February. Nevertheless, the potential of exportation still remains low with uncertainty about the renewal of the credit tax in the US and anti-dumping measures for the EU market. The European market has started to import SME from Brazil instead of Argentina. However, in Argentina the local consumption should increase with incorporation mandate planned to increase in March from B5 to B6 or B7.
Concerning double counting material, the prices also continue to decrease to around €960/mt for UCOME ISCC EU and €990/mt for ISCC DE. The UCOME ISCC DE, the market is still bearish due to the lack of demand. When it comes to UCOME ISCC EU, after a market downturn in December, the prices are now stabilized and the demand gradually returns. It is then very difficult for TME (€920/mt) to compete with such prices of UCOME. Nevertheless, many UCO collectors do not want to affect this fall in prices in order to avoid losing money. Animal fat producers did not reduce their prices due to demand from two new plants in France. As a result, the production margins are historically low also for double counting materials.
The French quota for biodiesel is officially set at €45 / m3 for 2014 and 2015. The incorporation of cap for the inclusion of biodiesel in diesel fuel rose to 7.7%, including 0.7% for UCOME & TME biodiesel (net calorific value). It will encourage the HVO market in the short term. This decision is surprising for two reasons: firstly there is only one French HVO producer; secondly this product is made mainly on the basis of palm oil feedstock much criticized in France. However, the incorporation of such standards would result in a B7+ or even a higher rate product.
Concerning the Italian market, the share of double counting material in the biodiesel cap is to pass from 10% to 20% in 2014. It will encourage local production and increase the exportation of UCOME/TME to Italy. Moreover, double counting is now also for animal fat cat 1 and 2 and a larger spectrum of vegetable fatty acids
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