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Used Cooking Oil, Soybean Oil, Soybean Meal, WVO, UCO, Biodiesel

Standard Product Specifications
Flexitanks M&W
Sizes from 14 CBM to 24 CBM 
Two Ply PE Liner 300 µ (12mil) Each Liner - Food Grade  
Woven PP Outer 200 gsm 
3" Ball Valve with Integrated Flange 
Top or Bottom Outlet 
Air Relief Vent - Optional 
PRV Optional 
EVOH Barrier Film for Oxygen Protection 

After a temporary drop in the last week of March, prices of palm oil started to grow again. It is predicted that the increase in prices might continue in April and reach 907 USD, the highest level since 2012. The advance in prices is caused mainly by dry weather in the Southeast Asia and later-than-usual arrival of El Nino. At the same time a drop in future prices can be observed as Indonesia and Malaysia, the biggest palm oil producers, have recently experienced heavy rains.
In South America, currently, the farmers are replanting their fields again with soybean due to high demand coming especially from China. Despite this year’s record-high harvests of this crop in South America, the prices of soybean grew by 3.4% in the past year. However, the demand in China is slowing down and the exports from Brazil, one of the 5 biggest soybean producers in South America, are decreasing.
India, though, is predicted to sharply increase its soya oil imports to replace palm oil whose prices keep growing. In addition, the country’s domestic production of oil, especially rapeseed oil, is predicted to rise.
The record-high canola harvests in Canada this season resulted in significant logistics problems. Railroad logjams and harsh winter made deliveries extremely difficult and Canadian farmers incurred big losses. The problems are not yet resolved.
The biggest sunflower oil producer, Ukraine, is expected to increase significantly its exports of this product to India due to growing palm oil prices. The increased demand of sunflower oil in India should help to stabilize the prices caused by record-high crops reported for this season. However, the political situation in Ukraine is not stable and therefore should be closely observed.
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