1-5500 gal SS cone bottom flat top tank with 1 ¼” steam coil

1-4500 gal stainless steel dished top and bottom tank with tube exchanger

1-30 hp Hurst (1.50 million btu) high pressure steam boiler with stainless steel

3- 3000 gal ply cone bottom tanks with 3” bottom discharge and 2” and 3” top

2- 3000 gal poly flat bottom dished top tanks with 3” bottom and 2” and 3” top

1-3000 gal poly double wall tank with 3” discharge and 2” and 3” top

15hp quincy rotary screw compressor with air drier

2- M8 wilden pumps

1-2”widlen turbo flow

2- M15 wilden pumps

Bag filter  and piping and valves and more ....

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NAZCO is a supplier of the following equipment:
 Biodiesel Processors  
  Biodiesel poduction Equipment, wvo collection vac trucks
Centrifuge & Drum Filters for Refining WVO


Storage Tanks of all shapes and sizes (25 gal to 6500 gal)
grease collection containers

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