1-5500 gal SS cone bottom flat top tank with 1 ¼” steam coil

1-4500 gal stainless steel dished top and bottom tank with tube exchanger

1-30 hp Hurst (1.50 million btu) high pressure steam boiler with stainless steel

3- 3000 gal ply cone bottom tanks with 3” bottom discharge and 2” and 3” top

2- 3000 gal poly flat bottom dished top tanks with 3” bottom and 2” and 3” top

1-3000 gal poly double wall tank with 3” discharge and 2” and 3” top

15hp quincy rotary screw compressor with air drier

2- M8 wilden pumps

1-2”widlen turbo flow

2- M15 wilden pumps

Bag filter  and piping and valves and more ....

used cooking oil recycling, wvo, uco centerifuge, wvo filters   










Used stainelss storage tanks, plastic tanks, centrifuges, filters, kettles, pumps

Vacuum truck, grease containers, biodiesle price, yellow grease
All equipment is offered subject to prior sale or disposition and written confirmation acceptance of order. Equipment from our facility is sold loaded to flat bed truck unless otherwise stated. Skidding available at additional charge
 Alfa Laval MAPX207; 1200 gal/ hr flow rate  
 Alfa Laval MAPX207; 1200 gal/ hr flow rate  
  • Continuous purification of lubricating oils or low viscosity fuel oils from solid particles and water
  • Suitable for the separation of marine diesel, biodiesel, distillate, lubricating and hydraulic oils. (Throughput may vary depending on temperature of liquids)
  • Suitable & designed for clarification or purification of various mineral oils, engine oils, lubricating oils and used on board marine and industrial applications
  • Purification or clarification of mineral oils used in marine installations and power stations (fuel and lubricating oils)

 Alfa Laval MAPX207; 1200 gal / hr flow
 Alfa Laval MAPX207; 1200 gal/ hr flow rate  

Flottweg model z32-3/401 -USED
Flottweg model z32-3/401 -USED
Used flottweg model z32-3/401 stainless steel decanter centrifuge. stainless steel (1.4463) bowl 320mm diameter x 960mm long. light phase pumping. hybrid type of drive model hs2i-370a: bowl driven by loher el. motor 3ph/50hz/ip55/2920rpm/15,0kw. maximum bowl speed 5000 rpm. scroll driven by a rotary hydraulic motor powered by a compact hydraulic pump unit. maximum product inlet density 2,0 kg/litre and max. product inlet temperature 0-100°c. includes switchgear with integrated control panel. mounted on carbon steel zinced platform with steps and also includes netzsch slurry feed pump model nm045sy01s08.
Flottweg z42-3 stainless steel decanter centrifuge -Refurbished

Refurbished flottweg z42-3 stainless steel decanter centrifuge. includes control panel and netzsch sludge feed pump. bowl diameter 420mm, length 1260mm, speed of bowl 3500 rpm. ex proof design.

Flottweg model ac2500 stainless steel disc stack clarifier centrifuge -UNUSED

New flottweg model ac2500 stainless steel disc stack clarifier centrifuge. unit rated upto 28,000 litre/hour based on biodiesel. bowl rated 1.2 g/cm3 with maximum bowl speed of 4,800 rpm. unit driven by 55kw motor.


 5500 gallons stainless cone bottom

 5500 gallons stainless cone bottom flat top tank with 1 ¼” steam coil- cone
3000 gal poly flat and cone bottom tanks  11 ft x 8 ft
   M8 -M15 wilden pumps
 M8 -M15 wilden pumps, 5--100 gpm
   M8 -M15 wilden pumps


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